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We've officially started a Rust server.

To Connect:
net.connect playrust.unrealheroes.com:28015

Oxide Loaded

More will be posted as we get it
Greetings Gents,

A group of old members convinced me to create once again, another server.  For how long it will be up I do not know, but as of right now it's in pretty good standing.  It's a tekkit server, so you're going to need to necessary files and clients in order to play on it.

The IP is minecraft.unrealheroes.com.


Unreal Heroes' Changes

Fuhaxian a posted Dec 4, 12
Unreal Heroes Changes v.1
Subject to Change

Major Changes:

- Medieval Theme

- Currency Changes:
  - Main Currency is going to change to, Iron and Gold Ignots, Diamonds, and Emeralds.
  - Only able to sell those to the server
  - Encouraging trading between players
  - Changing over to Job economy

- Ranking System:
  - To provide fairness, all ranks will be removed and only those necessary will stay
  - Membership is now automatically added after an hour of gameplay
  - Dedicated members will recieve a rank equivalent to donator after an astonishing 720 hours of gameplay
  - Donators
    - Teleportation has a 60 second cool-down, along with with a 10 second delay
    - Donators will be able to bypass this annoyance
    - Donators can have multiple homes, (Max 3)
  - Replacing [Builder] rank with [Yeoman]
    - [Yeoman]'s job is detailed into building towns
    - Only Class with Creative Mode
      - Towns must be creative and yet skillful, reference,

  - Age restrictions are lifted, if I deem you a potential good you have the chance to achieve a high rank
- Rewards:
  - Every hour you will receive 175 experience, (10 levels)

- Player Changes
    - Factions will be based off of 3 classes, Nords (Arctic Regions), Dwarves (Underground), and Elves (Forests)
    - Each Class will have it's own unique value to it
      - Nords specialize in Swords and Iron Armor
      - Dwarves specialize in Axes and Gold Armor
      - Elves specialize in Archery and Leather Armor
    - Encourage players to fight for land each faction
  - Adding in Jails to add another barrier against banning

Fuhaxian a Please add in what you would like to receive for your dedication to Unreal Heroes versus time.
Cholm Architect is just the main job within the factions, 1 Architect will be assigned to each faction to ensure that one fact ...
Fuhaxian a Provide any feedback, we are open to any suggestions.

Minecraft Version 1.3

arielxg posted Aug 4, 12
Pretty dope yo.
SquealingPuppy definitley ...
selena7899 Hell yea

Server Update

Fuhaxian a posted Jul 19, 12
Guys, I'm torn.  The more and more I see the server become empty, the more and more I become less confident in making the perfect environment for you guys.  I'm stuck at finding conclusions to make people join, I've exhausted all ideas, and I'm turning to you guys.  Please, give me the most criticized feedback, opinions, advice to help make us grow.  If not, I'm contemplating about shutting down the whole server.  In order to keep it alive, we need people to donate.  We can't ask the same people to continue to donate the same amount, it's not fair.  I'm taking the most result demonstrating action there is, and if there is none, then the next server bill will not be paid for.

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